Monday, December 3, 2012


Ummm, I just want to make sure we are all on the same page here — I’m a huuuge Notre Dame fan.
I was born in Indiana, and I’m pretty sure state law dictates your college football team of choice.  Wisconsin has a similar law about their professional football team. 

Now, I’m really gonna blow your mind here — I state for the record that Notre Dame is going to the national championship game. I’m booked Jan. 7th. Don’t call. Or visit.

The same team I have cheered for since my adolescences is finally going to do what I have said it is going to do for the past 15 friggin’ years.  I was eight when they last won, and I was 18 when they were last in the conversation.  I talked so much shit that year — right up until they lost to Boston College.

A friend of mine told me Notre Dame would keep winning as long as I didn’t wake up.  I texted him during the Pittsburgh game that it was too early to get up.  Because at the start of the year the only way Notre Dame was getting into the national championship was if I was dreaming.

They haven’t ever been really bad, just irrelevant.  To golden domers, if you lose one game than the season is over. Sure, you can beat Michigan or USC to salvage a season, but if you don’t get invited to the NC, then ya really didn't do it right.  They have not been “doing it right” for a very long time.  OK, in fairness to others who aren't ND fans, they have been very bad at times. Possibly.**

Now that Genn is into football, I have to explain the difference between Saturday and Sunday football.  Listen, if you want me to raise two Packers fans just because that’s where they are from then I can do THAT.  But if you expect me to say there is any football program anywhere better than Notre Dame, then you have lost your effing mind.

I finally laid it out to him this year.

“Listen Glenn, if you wanna be a Badgers fan, then I can’t stop you.  You were born in Madison. However, I must warn you that the BEST the Badgers are ever gonna do is make the Rose Bowl.  Now, my Saturday team, son, they play for national championships on their good years.”

January 7th I will not be easy to find.  If I had it my way, I would be in a cave watching the game.  I’ll probably end up just going to a bar.  All I can say is what I’ve been saying for years. It’s the same thing Grant said to his grandma at the airport.


*Ha Ha you read a whole post about the greatness of Notre Dame

**I take it back. They've never been bad.

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