Thursday, November 29, 2012

Road Rage

I used to have road rage, but, now that I’m older, I have mostly worked through it. Although moving from the casual driving habits (i.e. a complete lack of traffic) of Wisconsin to Texas (with its terrible traffic, D-Bags, and construction) has definitely brought some of that anger back.  At least now the speeding has stopped.  I mean, how many tickets does it take to make a 20-year-old driver stop speeding you ask?  TOO MANY! 

When I picked Glenn up from school the other day, someone decided to ride my bumper.  Not on the highway mind you, but down a street with a speed limit of 40 mph and multiple lights.  I was driving somewhere between 40 and 45 mph with another car not too far in front of me.  When the street widened to three lanes, I moved to the left, cause ya know, that’s the way home.  The “gentlemen” behind me, swerved over as I changed lanes, as if he was going to be able to get around.  I gave him a gentle pumping of the breaks to let him know I was aware of his presence.  Not long after, a turn-only lane opened up for about fifty feet.  He (I’m now done calling him a gentlemen) used this opportunity to swerve past me.  Then, because we weren't on a highway, we both stopped next to each other at a RED LIGHT.
What an asshole!

Since I live in Texas, November is a great time to drive around with your windows down.  So he screams over to curse and call ME a bad driver.  I, of course, shared my opinion of him and then ignored the rest. 
To which, Glenn leans out his window and shouts…

“Hey, this isn't a RACETRACK!!”

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