Thursday, December 6, 2012

Me Time

There is no place that is sacred in my house.  My family has taken everything away.  The living room and dining room has always been Tammi’s.  The playroom/dog room, is well, not mine.  I’m allowed to provide input in the study, and have never cared about the spare bedroom.  

Hell even Glenn seems to have more say about my own bedroom than me. ( Every day I clean the house so that other people can enjoy their rooms.  It’s like I’m crop sharing in my own house; working for the right to sleep in my bed.

The kitchen is mine, but no one knows or cares.  It is funny to me, that if a family member wants to get us something for the kitchen, they always ask Tammi.  Who has no idea what we need or where it would go if we got it.  She always tells them the same thing, ‘Ask Craig, it’s his kitchen.’  No one gets it though.  Plus it’s not like the kitchen is a place of sanctuary.    Usually if I’m in the kitchen I am either cleaning, or cooking for two hungry and irritable boys under foot. 

The new house has two bathrooms.  One of them even got titled, Daddy’s Bathroom.  Finally a place where I could be by myself, collect my thoughts, and you know get some business done.   I was so naive.  I wish sometimes I could go back in time and at least give myself a heads up.

“Craig, it’s me.  You are being a dumbass.  You really think it’s gonna work out that way.  Come on man, lower those expectations and give up.”

I haven’t been to the bathroom by myself in over 6 months.  Hell sometimes I expect Tammi to walk in and start playing with the toilet paper too.  If I want to have a moment to myself I have to close the door, and listen to Jackson scream.  Not exactly the quiet time I was hoping for.  Glenn just opens the door anyway.

"Daddy I want some juice."

"Well we all want things Grant.  Like you know, I want to be left alone."

So the other day my friend is over, and we are hanging out drinking beer on the patio.  I get up to go to the bathroom, and I leave the bathroom door open.  It is now second nature to assume I will not have peace.  As he walks in for a refill, I quickly swing the door closed…

Maybe if I throw out all the crap in the attic, I could carve out a new spot for myself.

*This unedited version, is brought to you by me.  Since I didn't get it to my sister in time, you can see how much I love the comma, and run on sentences. Did you see the semi-colon Ellena?

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