Thursday, January 3, 2013

Action Jackson -Part 2

Jackson is going through a very long daddy stage.  It started about a week before Christmas, and is just now showing signs of letting up.  Daddy stages are nice, but they are also very challenging.  When he is happy it is great.  When he is not….

Jackson has two nicknames— Action Jackson and Jackson the Destroyer (preferably said in a booming voice).  One nickname is for when he is good, and the other is for when he is not so good. There is much to say about Jackson, and I sometimes feel he doesn't get as much play here because of his age.  Also at two, his personality is really starting to come through.  Here are some of my initial observations. 

#1- The boy is hungry.  He literally eats all day long.  So far the only things he will not eat include broccoli and dirt.  And, to be fair, he was much more willing to try the dirt than the broccoli.  If you are trying to be his friend, just give him some food. You will have a friend for life. 

#2- He has zero preservation instinct.  If he can climb it, jump off of it, run into it, or balance on it then he has at least tried these feats.  Trust and believe that as soon as he is barely big enough, he will attempt to jump from the roof to the pool.  Over/Under on broken bones by 18, is 2.5.

#3- He is very grabby.  If there is something that is within his reach, he will get it.  If there is something that is just out of his reach, he will get it.  See item #2. The only nice thing is that if it isn’t edible (see item #1) then he will generally bring it over to you.  Each morning he collects anything that was left out from the night before and brings it over to me.  If you ever need help getting motivated to clean, just let me know. I can bring him over.  He is the ultimate clutter picker upper.

#4- Although he is generally a very happy little boy, he flatly refuses to smile for the camera.  The only pictures I have ever seen Big Mike smiling in are shortly after shooting a deer and/or with his girls.

5# He is very stubborn.  This kid is hard now. God help me when he turns 18.  I think Glenn will probably survive being a teenager, without getting popped in the face. Jackson will make me do it just to prove a point.  We have started him on timeouts. He took a time out for 30 minutes, because he didn't want to apologize for touching the Christmas tree.  Once finally done, he walked over and touched the damn tree.  You cannot stop Jackson the Destroyer; you can only hope to contain him.

#6 He is very affectionate.  He is still at that adorable age where he will lay is head on your shoulder.  When he first wakes up he will spend the first 30 minutes eating and giving kisses while he sits on my lap.  Since the daddy stage started he has flatly refused to let anyone put him to bed, but myself, and that includes Grandma.
#7 If his brother is doing it (he calls him bro-bro) than he wants to do it.  If Glenn stuck his hand in the fire place, and then ran away screaming, he would be right behind him.  I would have two boys to take to the ER.  I can almost hear the CPS agent now.  “So the first was an accident….”  Again see item #2

#8 Lastly, he does not have an off switch.  Action Jackson is in a perpetual state of motion.  But with great energy comes great responsibility.  Action Jackson turns to the Destroyer (don’t forget the voice) very quickly, and often back again just as quickly.  

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