Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cartoon Time

A couple of weeks ago, the boys were at their aunt’s house.  She turned on the cartoons in the morning, and Glenn pointed out to her, ‘Erin we don’t watch cartoons in the morning.  When I shared the story at the hotel, it was met with shock.

“They don’t watch cartoons in the morning?  What do they do?”

They are kids, they play….

We are pretty lucky.  We limit the kids TV time to about three hours a day — two hours while Jackson and I nap and an hour before bed. 

I know of some parents who allow their kids to watch hours of cartoons. This isn’t an issue of how much TV time is good for your kids.  Three hours a day is my personal breaking point. I would rather have the kids screaming and me not getting any work done than watch one more damn minute of these shows.

So, here is my Top Ten Most Annoying Cartoons List.

#10 Blues Clues — I don’t really hate this show, but anytime you make a list, you have to make tough choices.  It made the cut above some other shows because it is so repetitive.

#9 Max and Ruby — Where are their parents?  In what world is it okay to leave your six year old to watch your 2 year old?  I was a latchkey kid myself, but this show takes it to an extreme.

#8 Ni Hao Kai-Lan (knee-how-Ki-lan) This is the same show over and over again.  Very much like Dora seen below.  Let me sum it up for you.  Kai-Lan’s panda friend plays to rough, and offends her other friends.  Then they work through their feelings. 

#7 Dino Dan — This kid needs help.  Why won’t any of the parents involved help this poor dysfunctional child?  He “sees” dinosaurs and interacts with them.  Of course, no one else can see them, but that’s not even the bad part.  When he tells the adults in his life that he sees dinosaurs, they don’t recommend a serious psych evaluation followed by weekly visits. 

#6 Team UmiZoomi — This is a counting show. It’s like watching The Count on steroids. And it fills me with rage.

#5 Diego — See Dora below.        
#4 Dora — I hate Dora with a passion so strong that she has already been mentioned twice previously on the list. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t so damn repetitive. I don’t mean within each show. I mean that every single show is exactly the same.

#3 Fresh Beat Band — Adults acting like children going to music school and signing “original” songs and dancing.  This wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t gone to work so often with the songs playing in my head.  When I mentioned it to my boss, she immediately started doing the dances.  This show needs to be stopped.  Also which ones are sleeping together?

#2 Oobi (eww-Be) — This show is just creepy.  The characters are all hands with little eyeballs on the knuckles.  They speak in this weird yoda slash just learning English type of speak.  T flatly refuses to watch it.

#1 Wonder Pets — This show involves a guinea pig, a turtle and a baby chicken who “rescue” other animals.  Most of them speak with a lisp and sing the same two songs four times an episode.  There is a lot in this world I would rather do than watch this show.  Commit murder, suicide…pretty much any felony.

There it is.  What would make your list?  I have heard a lot of people say how much they hate Caillou.  This is not a problem we have, as you can see we are a Nick Jr kind of family.  Just not in the mornings.  


  1. The Upside Down Show. And oh my goodness yes on Oobi.

    1. I'm not familiar with the upside down show, but if I see it, I'll be sure to avoid it.

  2. I gotta tell ya, I'm mildly surprised to not see Yo Gabba Gabba with so much as an honorable mention here.. but I can't disagree on any of these either. :) like it, my friend!

    1. HA! I know it should be here. Amongst all of the mind numbing garabge, they have cameos from The Roots, Jack Black, Tina Fey, and many others. Your kids have no idea who they are, and is purely for the parents. They may not make it to the most liked cartoon list, but couldn't bring myself to add them here.

  3. Craig on the show the Wonder Pets, Sarah is a duckling not a baby chicken. We discussed this at work, remember?

    1. I wouldn't know... Every time it comes on, I begin stabbing myself with a small pin to the eyes.