Monday, October 22, 2012

Through the Lenses of a Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I missed a blog entry. Sure, I posted a oh-so delicious chicken pot pie recipe, but I think, we can all agree, that’s not going to cut it.

I was pretty disappointed in myself when I didn’t have my shit together enough to write a one-page blog entry.  It may not seem like much, but that’s how it always starts for me.  First, I miss one, than I miss another, and, pretty soon, I am depriving you of what I can ONLY assume gets you through your week.  
When I was starting the blog, the number one piece of advice I received from the Internet was to set deadlines.  So, for those of you who don’t know (which would be most of you), here is the process.  I write the blog entry sometime between Sunday and Wednesday and send it to my sister to edit. This is because I have the writing/spelling skills of a 5th grader.  She usually gets it back to me by the weekend, and I post the blog on Mondays.  Usually a slow “news” day, and, if you’re going to be slaking at work, Monday is the day.   So, when you read this, I will have written it last week. Thus, I posted a blog on the Colts Vs. Packers the day after they CRUSHED the Houston Texans.  Thank you Rodgers for a much need fantasy day against my sister. [Editors note: you suck]

The week I missed the blog was a very stressful week.  I had a lot of family drama on my plate, and I certainly wasn’t ready to blog about it.  So each time I sat in front of the keyboard, I knew I was writing about something that I wasn’t focused on really.  I was surprised how something that had come very naturally the first few months had so quickly become a struggle
Not long after I started this blog, I noticed a change in how I view day-to-day events and conversations. Everything is filtered through the lens of the blog. For instance, I was sitting on the porch with my buddy and he says, “Yeah I like sleeping with her, but she is so annoying.” 

My first thought was, I am drinking with Quagmire, and the second thought was that comment must  go into the blog. 
Also, a few people have begun quoting my own words back to me.  Tammi is very fond of this.  My grandmother caught me smoking (well, she caught me chain smoking — reference the family drama above.) And she happily pointed out that I said I was going to quit. I never said it to her, per se. She read it on my blog. Hee. My grandma likes my blog.

I have all of these half blog entries floating around in my head, and I’m waiting for the other half, if you will.  Currently, I have four or five ideas in my head that haven’t yet made it onto paper yet.  There is one on how as parents we always judge each other to make ourselves feel better, my top three priorities as a parent, how men are treated differently as parents, one questioning whether I am a soccer mom, how as parents there is a perception that you can’t make mistakes, and a few that just make fun of my wife. Anyone have something else they think would be good let me know.
Then, to make it worse my sister mentions that most blogs post more than once a week. UGGH… You people are such a burden.  Well I accept your challenges.  I have decided to try and break it up a little more, and re-challenge myself.  So, I am going to make sure I don’t miss another Monday post, but I am also going to add a Shorter Thursday post about whatever cute or annoying thing my kids have done that week.  The good news is I am still enjoying myself.  I hope that ya’ll are as well.

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