Monday, October 29, 2012

Do you Job

Person A:  Doesn’t trust the religious right, doesn’t believe you have the right to buy firearms, and thinks it’s wrong the government kills criminals.
Person B: Believes in a strong military presence, lowering taxes as a method to stimulate the economy, and doesn’t trust the government to run the DMV effectively, let alone things that are important.

While I try to avoid politics, we are less than two weeks away from choosing our next president.  So, if we don’t talk about it now, then when? 
I love watching politics.  I think it’s interesting and important.  Typically, my television has two channels; — football and CNN.  During the second debate, my wife was driven from the room after I told her to keep her comments to herself and listen.  She only returned while I was watching the post game, although I believe in politics its called spin.  Once again, she voiced shock and surprise to be married to a person who watches hours of recorded political coverage.

This is not a political blog format, so my goal is not to tell you who to vote for or even to tell you who I am going to vote for.  Here is the point — there is too much hate in politics today. It’s on both sides. And it is unnecessary. For the Republicans it happened sometime during the Clinton Administration, and for the Democrats it was clearly Bush/Gore. 
I believe every generation believes their present day is the last to come, whether it is an actual apocalypse scenario or just the sentiment that things have never been so bad before ever.  Personally, I have never understood that idea.  For the last three election cycles, the country has been fairly evenly divided 50-50.  Now, some people look at that as a reason to dig in their heels but not me. If 50% consider themselves conservative and 50% consider themselves liberal then that means that 25% of each side is fairly close together. 

We see it every election cycle.  What does a good candidate do? They flirt with the extreme side of their party during the primaries and then get as close to middle during the general election.  Listen, G. Bush was not an idiot.  He graduated from college and twice became the leader of the free world.  Furthermore Obama is not a lying socialist.  If he were, he would not be so close to re-election.  The world is not ending people, so take a deep breath.  The simplest answer is often the correct one.  In this case, two people who care about our country did what they thought was best.  Let’s stop the name calling.
There are two points that many Americans seem to forget.

Number one — voting is a responsibility, not a right.  Get off your lazy ass and do your job.  Whatever your piss -poor excuse is it’s not good enough.  When you stop using your rights, then you lose them. 
Number 2 — I have never seen an active tank roll down Main Street.  There are very few countries that can say that, and yet, every four years we change power without a single gunshot being fired.  This is truly amazing and should not be over looked.

So am I person A or B? The answer…Both.  Here is what you need to do over the next week and a half. Pay attention, make your own decisions, remove the hate, and realize other people may disagree with what you have to say.  Do your job, and go vote. 

Oh and stop blasting your political opinion on Facebook….no one really cares what you think.

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