Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bad Guys

This summer, I was working out by the pool and had taken the boys into the back yard with me.  The pool is fenced off, and the gate to the front yard locks from the front.  So, I felt comfortable working, without having to worry too much about the boys. 

When I stopped to take a break, I walked around to make sure they were not getting into too much trouble.  Only Jackson was there, and he was asking to go inside.  I went inside, and had a brief moment of panic when I didn’t hear Glenn.  I checked all of the rooms but did not see him.  As I walked past the front door, I saw him out of the corner of my eye.  He was sitting on a chair on the front porch.  This is how I learned Glenn could now officially open every door in the house.  I went outside to yell at him, and asked him what he was doing.
He was very calm, and let me know that he was just watching those guys over there mow the lawn.  I told him very seriously that he was never allowed to go into the front yard without a parent, but he did not understand why.

“There are bad guys in the world, and they might try to take you or hurt you.”
“I’m very strong,” he said, not really getting it.  So, I dumbed it down a bit.

“Maybe the bad guys will just walk up to you and push you over. You need me with you so I can protect you.”
That did it.  He promised he would only come outside if I were with him.  And I promised to myself  I would start locking the front door.

The next day we were getting into the car, and he saw another lawn crew, made up of mostly Hispanic men, mowing a lawn.  He pointed them out, and said, “Look Dad, bad guys!”
 Great, now my three year old is a racist….

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