Monday, February 25, 2013


This has been a crazy month.  Six weeks ago I floated the idea of a non-profit by my sister.  I didn't know what it would do, but I wanted it to revolve around MS and children.  My wife has MS and I first presented the idea to ya’ll last month in Ten People.

Since then I have gotten a lot of great ideas, and support from everyone that makes up my circle of influence.  As you may imagine there are a ton of steps to take in order to convince the IRS not to take your money. 

S4MS will provide assistance to families affected by MS.  Helping to enrich the time spent with their children through community involvement, financial assistance, and information.

I think I got ahead of myself.  What is Multiple Sclerosis?

MS is a neurological disease where your body’s immune system attacks your nervous system.  Think of your nervous system as an electrical wire, with the wire protected by the plastic covering.  MS attacks the plastic covering.  When you tell your hand to move, only your hand receives the message.  When the plastic covering is removed, the foot may also receive the message for my hand to move.  This is a very simplistic way of looking at it, and if you would like to learn more, than this is a great place to start, What is MS???
The symptoms of MS vary greatly from person to person.  Some people have vision problems, others digestive; many have trouble with balance and often will need some form of assistance walking.  Because of this MS is a diagnosis of elimination.  You don’t have a funny feeling in your leg, go to the Dr.’s, and the next day you have MS.  When Tammi was diagnosed, prior to meeting me, she lost the vision in her right eye for three days.  It was not until three months later that she received the diagnosis of MS.  Although she did not yet have children, this is an especially stressful time for the children. 

S4MS is going to select four families and provide them with support, services, sanity, and strength for an entire year.  We will provide them with a personal comprehensive support plan.  It may be small things I go grocery shopping once a month, or clean their house, it will certainly include a weekend at a hotel, and I’ll mow their lawn, build them a wheelchair ramp, fix a fence, or even provide a counselor for personal and financial advice.  The idea is to take stress off their plate and to replace those with positive moments with their children. 

Please help me in having as many people see THIS....Yes THIS survey, and collect as much information as possible from individuals with MS. 

The Board of Directors has been set, the corporation will be officially formed this week, and then we will be able to let the IRS know we exist.  You can now go here Here...Yes Here!! to make a contribution.  Please do not think that a small donation now, is not helpful.  As soon as the dill holes at the IRS file my paperwork, all donations will be considered a charitable donation.  *If any employees of the IRS happen to be reading this, please know that this was a joke.  One made in poor taste and for that I am sorry.

Additionally if you have any questions or additional feedback, you can reach me directly through, S4MS' Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to like the page, and suggest it to others.  You can also follow the organization via twitter at

Everyone who is working with me on the Board of Directors was chosen for a particular reason.  I am very much looking forward to working with them.  Without them today's post would have been summed up with…I’m working on it.

Steve - GM Embassy Suites

Ms. Webster- Owner and Operator of local Montessori School

Carolyn- DFW Realities

Ellena Fortner-Newsom- Sister and public relations savant

Me- Executive Director

Thank you again for sharing this information with others, and as always I will continue to keep everyone informed.  My hope is to post about S4MS on at least a monthly basis. 

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  1. Awesome man. Congrats in getting this going. I'm really glad you've got wheels on the car now.