Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two Shorts and an Afterthought


The last time I posted about Jackson's conversational skills, I was a bit challenged.  Since Use Your Words he has gone through a bit of word explosion, as a two year old is apt to do.  Among my favorites is the word ‘Noooooow?’  This is how it goes…


“Yeah, in just a minute, as soon as I’m done with the dishes.” I put the glasses away.


“No Jackson, I need to do ALL of the dishes.” I put the plates away.


“Not yet, I need to load the dishwasher.”


“Yep…….As soon as I wipe down the sink.”

I know it is going to get very annoying…very quickly, but honestly it is so very adorable.


Battle of the beds: As of writing this I remain victorious.  I know that you were worried.  

During the war of the beds, I would often reward sleeping in your own bed, with cake during lunch.  I no longer remind him of the previous agreement, but if there is cake in the house he somehow manages to remember.  This happened back when Tammi was out of town.

“DAD! I slept in my own bed last night.  That means we ALL get cake today!!!”

“Not me, I don’t get any cake….”

“Why not, you slept in your bed too.”

“Nope…Your Mom’s out of town, I fell asleep on the couch.”

“It’s OK because you wipe my nose, and help me out, and pick up after me, so you can have cake too.  I just decided that.”

One More Thought

I’ll try and make this quick. 

Tammi asked me the other day, if I was happy only working part-time.  The answer was a resounding YES.  Am I recommending that everyone quit their jobs, and stay home with the kids? No. 

I've said this a lot, but as long as you are an engaged and listening parent then you are doing it right.

After that make yourself happy, whether you go to work or stay home.  Tammi gets these moments, as well, and they are just as precious.

“Glenn, I love you this much.”  You know, with her arms extended.

“Mommy I love you six towns away.”  In my head he doesn't even move his arms.

Whatever choices works for your family make sure you’re paying attention, or you will miss these short moments. 

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